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I met Tye outside a local go-go club during her cigarette break. Needless to say, I could tell right away she was a perfect candidate for a nasty "get down." She was puffing away on her Kool’s while she bitched and moaned about not being able to make rent or pay her car note in a couple of days. With a wad of cash in my one pocket and an engorged purple helmet in the other, she could basically pick her poison. If that wasn’t enough, she nervously informed me that she had never been with a white man nor taken a cock up her fudge hole. Suffice to say this sexy brown shugga got one hell of an indoctrination to interracial relations. I began her experience with a throat poke that brought up her lunch all over my rug. Next, I furiously stroked her ebony slit balls deep before I popped her in the virgin ass till it gaped like a gopher hole. Then I made sure she would never forget her experience with a honky daddy as I pumped her chocolate cunt full of fuck sauce.

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