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Madelyn Marie

Runtime: 43 min of video

Madelyn Marie has a thing for dogs. Raises and trains them, in fact. So when we happened upon her at a local pet shop perusing the canines, we had to figure out a way to get this honey back to the hotel for some deviant pleasure. When we told her we had a retriever back at our room with a disciplinary problem, she was all to happy to oblige and help rectify the situation. Little did she know that our disobedient mastiff was really just a full-bred horny bastard ready to bury his bone in her fuck hole. She gnawed on that cock like a chew toy and took it in her cunt like a bitch in heat. Then she begged and pleaded to be bred, so our boy emptied his balls inside her. It was a clear-cut case of puppy love.

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