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Bella & Kyles

Added: August 29, 2008 | Runtime: 16:52
Bella and Kyles are two entrepreneurial college whores whom I stumbled upon late one afternoon washing cars for charity. Dressed in wet wife beaters and shorts, they offered to clean my car for $5. As is it in most cases, there's always a cute one (Bella) and a fat one (Kyles). So I took a bullet for the team in order to get the better of Bella. Proving once again that chivalry is not dead, I coaxed them back to my hotel room so they could clean up and dry off. (Sure I did!) Then they proceeded to wax my knob as a token of appreciation. Little did they know that unlike their hands-on attention to detail with the cars, I would be taking the reins on this double blow job. Suffice to say they were taken aback. I took liberty with their young mouths and throats, ramming my tool until I felt their uvulas squish against my purple mushroom. Then they got into the act, taking turns grabbing each others hair and slamming each others heads up and down my meat like oral pogo sticks. Probably due to the fact that she could stand to lose about 70 pounds, Kyles got winded and became a spectator as Bella went to town on my boner like a school of piranha. For a moment I thought I saw God. Then I regained consciousness just in time to power-wash her fucking face with a hot load.