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The Ghost Of Christmas Past FacialAbuse

We don't say "happy holidays" here, probably because we're America first type people and Christmas is what we celebrate. Admittedly, I don't get involved with the nativity bs, but santa exists, and if you believe, the world will be better. I get it, Santa is white, but suck it up, as Santa loves all. This is the one concept we can all get behind. The Ghost of Christmas Past isn't bad, she just an old whore who loves naughty things. Hoe hoe hoe, if you will. She eats ass, wheres yakk on her face and does what she's told. This ghost drinks yellow discipline and eats cum. She get's dp'd and eats her own slop. Merry Christmas you fuckers, and if you don't believe in santa, I pitty you. Facial Abuse are true believers! ... SEE MORE